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Cody’s collection is harmonized with powerful straight line and beautiful feminine curves. Though based on Native American’s jewelry designs, his works go far beyond this category. The final pierces have a unique surface called. “Matte Finish”. They also have detailed designs stamped on the inside. Upon touching the skin, you’ll feel the power and energy invested in the pieces. All of Cody’s collection are handcrafted with strength and integrity that should last for generations. Even with the same design, each piece is still one of a kind.


Navajo Spirit born in

Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico is located in the southwest and western regions of the United States. To visit you have to change  planes in Los Angels, San Francisco or Dallas for a further one hour flight. The name Santa fe was derived from Spanish and means “The Holy Faith,” and has a long history dating back to before the first European settlers.

It is located at approximately 2000m above sea level, making it the highest state capital in the United States with a dry climate.
The rays of the sun from high in the crystal clear sky can be felt. More so, ”Santa Fe” is a sacred city which is protected by still air and a noble sun. It is infamous for its high concentration of artists that produce unique artistic pieces, and its historic buildings with Territorial and Pueblo Revival styles of architecture with stucco and flat roofs.

Perfectly Handmade

Cody Sanderson makes his jewelries with his own hands. There are some name brands out, there have other designers / craftsmen do the actual work, but not with Cody. Each piece of his collection is one of a kind. Other jewelry designers say,

“It takes tremendous determination and force to create such shapes.”

When they see Cody’s work. His creative process is both powerful and delicately detailed, and it’s all done by Cody. He puts in everything into every piece, which is why Cody’s collection stands out - I feel the vitality over flows from his creation.


It calculated designed jewelry so that women can easily wear . Beautifully delicate curve , there is a feeling of air that has been refined in the clean .

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営業時間: 11:00 – 20:00

住所: 〒100-8848 東京都千代田区有楽町2-5-1 阪急メンズ東京 6F

電話番号: 03-6252-5398

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